Jakes Meat Market

Come to Jake’s Meat Market for a large
selection of cut options at affordable prices!

Beef Products-with processing

Dried Beef-$1.75/lb
Pressed jerky-$3.50–mesquite&teriyaki
Ring Bologna-$2.30/lb
Beef Snack Sticks-$3.00/lb
Regular, Hot or Extra Hot
Summer Sausage-$2.50/lb
Regular or with Cheese-add 50 cents
Regular or with Cheese-add 50 cents
Hot or with Cheese add 50 cents/lb
Fresh Italian Brats-$1.50
Fresh Italian w/Garlic & Red pepper brats-$1.70
Mesquite & Honey brats-$1.75
Onion,Green & Red Bell pepper brats-$1.75
Jalapeno brats-$1.75
Smoked Green Onion brats-$2.30
Smoked Polish sausage-$2.30

Pork Products-(with processing of a hog)

Ground Pork-.35/lb
Ground Pork Patties-.75/lb
Sausage patties-$1.20/lb
Sausage Links-$1.20/lb
Brat Patties-$1.20/lb
Cheddar Brats-$1.75/lb
Fresh Italian Brats-$1.75/lb
Fresh Italian-Bulk-$1.25/lb
Fresh Italian w/ Garlic & Red Pepper-$1.75/lb
Onion w/ Green & Red Bell Pepper-$1.75/lb
Jalapeno Brats-$1.75/lb
Mesquite & Honey Brats-$1.75/lb
Honey Brats-$1.75/lb
Smoked Green Onion Brats-$2.30/lb
Smoked Polish Sausage-$2.30/lb
Country Style Sausage-$2.30/lb
Jake’s BBQ Pork Patties-$1.20/lb
Luau (Ham) Loaf-$1.30/lb
Sliced Pork-$1.00/lb
Seasoned Sliced Pork-$1.50/lb
BBQ Sliced Pork-$1.50/lb
Butter-Garlic Sliced Pork-$1.50/lb
Tomato-Basil Sliced Pork-$1.50/lb
BBQ, Seasoned, Tomato-Basil, Butter-Garlic Chops-.50/lb

Retail Price List-Jake’s Meat Market

Sirloin 1# G.B.-$3.09/lb
Ribeye 2# G.B.-$6.18
Minute Steak G.B. Patties-$6.80/ 2#pkg
New York Strip Jake’s BBQ Pork Patties-$5.50/2#
BBQ Beef Brisket-$ 4.59 Ground Pork Patties-$4.00/2#
(Regular, Hot & Extra Hot) Bratwurst Patties-$5.00/2#
Beef Jerky-$5.00/bag Sausage Patties-$5.00/2#
Chuck Roast
Summer Sausage-$4.50/lb With Cheese-$4.75/lb
Salami-$4.50/lb With Cheese-$4.75/lb
Pork Sausage-$2.25/lb
Pork Chops-$2.39/lb Smoked Pork Chops-$2.89/lb
BBQ Pork Chops-$2.79/lb
Pork Bacon-$3.09/lb
Beef Bacon-$3.29/lb
Pork Roast-$2.89/lb

Country Style Ribs-$2.89/lb Regular Brats-$2.99/lb
Country Style Sausage-$3.99/lb Cheddar Brats-$3.29/lb
Ring Bologna-$3.99/lb Italian G & Red Pepper-$3.19/lb
Sausage Links-$2.79/lb Onion W/ Red & Green Pepper-$3.19/lb
Luau (Ham) Loaf-$2.00/lb Italian Brats-$2.99/lb
BBQ Spare Ribs-$5.69/lb Jalapeno Brats-$3.19/lb
BBQ or Seasoned Sliced Pork-$4.39/lb Polish Sausage-$3.99/lb
BBQ or Seasoned Slice Beef-$5.50/lb Smoked Italian-$3.99/lb
Beef weiners-$3.49/lb Green Onion Brats-$3.99/lb
Beef Sticks-$5.80/lb Chorizo Brats-$3.19/lb
Hot Beef Sticks-$6.00/lb
Extra Hot Sticks-$6.25/lb